צור קשר

Purchase only when you need to use your voice

your voice is kept for 5 years from creation, waiting for you till you need it.
If you plan on using or will use a PRC Saltillo device or app - you are good to go, just connect your voice and use it for free
contact us in order to
obtain your license
Single payment - one time fee
One License for ALL our supported platforms:
Grid 3, Communicator 5, other Windows solutions
Works with ANY app that supports Apple Personal Voice! (From Nov 23)
Major apps tested:
TD Talk/ TD Pilot
TD Snap
Speech Assistant
Team Gleason are the premier ALS support organization in the US, and are helping with funding for ALS patients.
Please submit the following form to Team Gleason
Apply for VA funding
Need help with funding?
Let's us know and we'll help'
Are you a professional? Just create an account with a professional email address, create a voice with at least 100 sentences recorded, and we’ll send you the license!